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Signature Camper Trailers

“Creating Special Moments, Experiences & Holidays For Families, Adventurers, Baby Boomers & Retirees”

If you are a young family, adventurer, baby boomer or older Australian ready to take an open road adventure for a weekend, month or indefinitely, then this website is for you.

As the owner of Signature Camper Trailers, and with a young family of my own, I know how hard and expensive it can be for young families to get away and take a break from their everyday life to make memories with their children.

That’s part of why we started Signature Camper Trailers.

Of course, fishermen, kayakers and adventurers use our camper trailers as well to “take off” for spur of the moment weekends away without breaking the budget.

We also have our fair share of baby boomers, retiree’s and people approaching retirement enjoying our camper trailers so they don’t spend a large chunk of their savings on a high-end RV.

In fact, no matter your age or need, our service to you isn’t just about camper trailers.

It’s about helping you and every one of our customers create special moments in their life while they discover the great Australian outdoors so they can take more weekends and more holidays more often!

The Signature Camper Deluxe

The Premium

The Elite

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Delivery Australia-wide

5-Year Structural Warranty,
Custom Fitting Service and More!

Built tough for Australia’s Toughest Families & Roads

At Signature Camper Trailers we pride ourselves on providing a quality product that will give you thousands of kilometres of enjoyment and hassle-free shelter wherever you are.

Over the past few years there’s been a steady rise in the demand for camper trailers for several reasons.

  1. Camper trailers are cheaper than buying an RV which our older customers love! They don’t have to spend a lot of their savings or retirement to travel more; they are easy to tow and maneuver so they get to holiday for longer and more often.
  2. Young families love our campers because they’re affordable, practical and sturdy and give them the opportunity to escape for the weekends without the high-end costs of a traditional holiday.
  3. You can get your camper trailer customised with almost anything you want.
  4. You can view them for yourself in our showroom at Castle Hill, New South Wales and we can arrange delivery of your camper trailer to you anywhere in Australia.
  5. There are 3 models of camper trailers to choose from so there is something for almost any budget.
  6. Our camper trailers have also been designed from a family point of view.
    That’s because my own family and I have enjoyed going away for weekends in our own camper trailer.  And as such we understand how much some families need their own showers and creature comforts, especially with young children.

So, a key point of difference that makes Signature Camper Trailers different from the others on the market is that ours have been designed with a custom list of features and options for  family practicality.

Start creating special moments, experiences & more holidays today.

Our camper trailers are perfect for young families and couples looking to get away, baby boomers and retirees who want to travel more often. They’re also perfect for fishermen, mountain bike enthusiasts and other adventurers and people who want a quality camper trailer that want to get away or travel indefinitely without breaking their budget.

And finding out more about our camper trailers is easy with our complimentary price guide, so:

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